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Our Story

A local bank, an electrical contractor, and some nameplates. This is where our story began–with two small businesses in need of engraving services, provided by my parents, Donald and Margaret. On the surface, some would call it a hobby or a “side-hustle.” For me, it was just the launch pad I needed.

In 1981, with the blessing and hands-on support of my parents, I took what they started and went to work in their basement using a single engraving machine. My goal–to grow the business beyond the two local customers they were already serving. 

My passion for the art of engraving, and the support of my wife, Kim, have led the business to welcome all opportunities in which leaving a lasting mark is required. With a history rooted in engraving and an ongoing commitment to technology, I identified the ability to design, produce, and install architectural signage. The additional investment in highly skilled, quality people has enabled Micheners Signs to be blessed with steady growth. 

To declare “the rest is history” would fail to account for an evolving story that continues to be written today. We are a leader in designing and producing architectural, wayfinding, donor recognition, and industrial signage. We have a broad range of capabilities and an extensive collection of experience among our designers and craftsmen. We can’t wait to work with you.

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