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Custom Signage: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What are ADA signs?

ADA signs provide visual information for people with disabilities. To be considered ADA-compliant, signs must meet specific requirements for size, characters, braille, and other factors.

ADA-compliant signage must be visible, clearly identifiable, legible, and understandable.

Does my company need to observe ADA regulations?

If your business is based in the United States, then yes, you must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Companies that fail to comply face fines and penalties.

Does all wayfinding signage have to comply with ADA regulations?

ADA compliance is needed for signs that direct or inform the public, such as signs for buildings, and wayfinding signs. ADA regulations do not apply to some architectural signage or private custom signs, like those in employee-only areas.

Do custom signs need braille and raised letters?

Under ADA regulations, ciphers that identify permanent rooms and spaces must include raised letters and Grade II braille. This includes signs that identify individual rooms, like bathrooms, and signs that identify areas, such as hallways.

Who is responsible for enforcing ADA regulations?

State, local, and federal governments. Each state has its own laws that regulate compliance with the ADA.

Can a room be identified with just a number?

You may be able to identify a room with just a number, but that number must be accompanied by braille and raised characters.

Do we need to place ADA-compliant signs in the stairwells?

All stairwells must have ADA-compliant signs to ensure people with disabilities can use the stairs safely. Signs should include raised tactile lettering, braille, and a pictogram of the staircase.

Do we have to update our current signage?

All signs that provide directions or inform people about goods and services should meet ADA standards.

We need new signs – do they have to comply with ADA regulations?

Yes. New signage must comply with ADA regulations.

What is Grade II braille?

Braille is an internationally recognized system of writing for the blind and visually impaired. Grade II braille is a standardized system of symbols representing the letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks, and common words.

Are there guidelines for mounting ADA signs?

According to ADA regulations, all signs must be mounted between 48-60 inches from the finished floor and located so they can be easily read by people in wheelchairs. Signs must be placed on the knob side of latch.

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