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Achieve Stunning Detail With Diamond Drag Engraving

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Diamond drag engraving provides businesses with a high-quality solution for labeling products, nameplates, safety notices, and more. The engraved surfaces resist wear, abrasion, and chemicals.

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What Is Diamond Drag Engraving?

Diamond drag engraving is a mechanical engraving technique that uses a diamond stylus.

Diamond Stylus Tip

A diamond tip is mounted on an automated engraving machine and delicately dragged across a hard surface or material to engrave it. The diamond tip can engrave lines, designs, and patterns onto metals, plastics, glass, and acrylic.

This method embosses the surface through applied downward pressure rather than removing material. This creates crisp, clean, and highly legible markings without discoloring or distorting the surface.

High-Speed, High-Contrast Engraving

The process allows for high-speed, high-volume engraving and can be used for production-scale jobs. Multiple passes with the diamond can cut deeper engravings for outstanding permanence and contrast.

Exceptional Detail and Durability

Diamonds are ideal for drag engraving because they are extremely hard and can etch smooth surfaces like metals. Smaller diamond tips allow for very exact movements, giving us the ability to engrave in fine detail. The results look fantastic and will never fade.

Diamond Engraving Uses

Diamond drag engraving is highly versatile. It is ideal for identification and informational markings, like serial numbers, barcodes, text, logos, measurement markings, and electrical labels.

Benefits of Diamond Drag Engraving

Diamond drag engraving has several advantages compared to other engraving methods:


Diamond tips can etch fine lines and details impossible with other mechanical techniques. This allows for greater precision when engraving small text, logos, serial numbers, and similar markings.


A diamond stylus embosses the material surface, resulting in durable and long-lasting marks. Other methods like laser engraving or chemical etching create less permanent contrast.


Diamond drag works well on hard, smooth metals where other methods like laser engraving struggle. The dragged diamond cuts sharply into the metal providing clean, clear legibility.

High Speed

Diamond drag engraving is high-speed compared to manual engraving, especially for production-scale jobs. This automated process ensures excellent consistency and uniformity on large jobs.


While lasers can only mark certain materials, diamond drag can effectively engrave metals, plastics, glass, acrylic, and more.

Cost Effective

The mechanical nature of diamond drag makes it a very affordable option for high-volume engraving jobs. No consumables are required, like with laser engraving.

Top Quality

Diamonds create crisp, clean, etched lines without melting, burning, or discoloring the material surface like other methods. The quality of the marking is excellent.

Simple Setup

Diamond drag machines are quick and easy to set up for new jobs. This also reduces cost to the customer.

Diamond Drag Engraving: The Ideal Choice

Diamond drag’s fine precision on hard materials, permanence, speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality results make it the superior choice for most high-volume engraving needs, particularly for metals and engineering markings.

Let’s talk about your engraving needs! We offer diamond drag, rotary, and laser engraving. The pros at Micheners Signs can determine the best engraving method for your project. Contact us today!

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