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Micheners Signs supplies custom signage for businesses across Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, Berks, and Lebanon counties.

Custom Laser Marking

The possibilities are endless with laser marking! Call our friendly team today to find out how laser marking can help your business.

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What Is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a method of engraving or etching a surface using a laser beam. A laser generates a focused beam of light at one specific wavelength. The laser beam is then directed at a hard surface in the desired pattern through computer-controlled optics.

When the laser beam interacts with the surface material, it permanently alters it. The modified area creates a contrasting design that forms the engraved image or text. The process is exact and lets us create accurate, clean, and permanent markings on metals, plastics, wood, and more.

Laser Marking Uses

We do a wide range of laser marking projects at Micheners Signs. Here are some of the most typical uses for laser marking:

Branding Logos

Lasers can neatly etch your company name, logo, or product branding onto parts and products. It’s a fantastic way to display your identity permanently. Say it with distinction. Say it with┬áMicheners Signs!

Part Identification

Marking part numbers, serial numbers, and ID text helps keep track of components and improves traceability. We can even laser mark tiny unique IDs like data matrix codes for advanced tracking.


Laser marking can create intricate artwork or patterns on metal, wood, acrylic, and many other materials. We design and make beautiful awards, signs, decorations, and more.

Precision Measurements

Medical and other devices often require measurement increment marks or graduations. Lasers can apply extremely precise markings for scales, dials, rulers, and gauges.

Barcodes and QR Codes

Crisp, scannable barcodes and QR codes can be marked directly onto items and packaging.

Warnings and Instructions

Clear warning symbols, hazard notices, and safety instructions are important on products. Laser marking can print them onto all materials, from metal to plastic.

Extreme Detail Fast

Lasers can quickly apply fine details. The speed/precision combination of lasers is unmatched by other techniques.

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Laser Marking vs. Laser Engraving

Laser marking alters the surface layer but does not cut deeply into the material. It creates a visible mark by contrasting the laser-modified area with the base material.

It’s typically used for coding, barcode marking, text, logos, and serialization. It works on anodized, plated, coated, and some bare metals.

Laser engraving removes material by ablation to cut or etch deeper into the surface. It can create detailed patterns and textures and works well on bare metals and other materials that vaporize cleanly.

Benefits of Laser Marking for Custom Signage

With custom signage, a laser marking system provides unbeatable precision, permanence, and design versatility. Lasers delicately etch the sign’s surface to reveal remarkably clean, crisp markings without distortion.

With laser marking, our signs maintain excellent legibility even on complex shapes and angles. Indelible, fade-resistant, laser-etched signage retains its immaculate, newly-made appearance for years outdoors.

We can deliver pristine, long-lasting designs that are impossible through traditional methods using our laser marking technique.

Entrust Your Laser Marking Projects to Micheners Signs

Grand in scale or intricate in detail, your laser marking project is in the best of hands with Micheners Signs. Experience our superior customer service. Contact us today!

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