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Rotary Engraving for Your Custom Projects

We are sign makers, award suppliers, recognition specialists, and banner producers, with a firm history rooted in the art of engraving.

With our roots firmly planted in the craft of engraving, the expert team at Micheners Signs excels at creating detailed designs, patterns, or text on a variety of materials. Rotary engraving is one method we employ using a high level of precision to create stunning designs with sharp details. 

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What is Rotary Engraving Used For?

Rotary engraving is commonly used for items like trophies, plaques, jewelry, signage, and even creating textures on industrial parts. A wide range of materials can be engraved with a rotary machine–metals like brass, aluminum, and steel as well as plastics, wood, glass, and more.

Rotary engraving is the best choice for creating raised text and Braille characters for ADA signage.

The versatility of the technique, along with the ability to work on a wide range of materials, makes rotary engraving a popular choice for both artistic and practical applications.

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How Does Rotary Engraving Work?

Rotary engraving involves removing material from the surface of an object–also called “hallowing out”– to create the desired design or inscription. An engraving machine is programmed with the design or text that needs to be engraved. As the object is secured in place, the cutting tool spins rapidly and moves across the surface. It cuts into the material, removing layers to create the desired pattern or text. The depth and speed of the cut can be controlled to achieve different effects.

Rotary Engraving vs Laser Engraving

People often ask what the difference is between rotary and laser engraving. Generally speaking, each has their niche in which they excel.

For example, rotary engraving is the best choice for raised text for ADA signage. For small text or intricate designs, a laser is preferred. From a consumer standpoint, you can trust the experts at Micheners Signs to use the best method for your project and deliver exceptional results!

We Are Engravers

Honing our craft of engraving has provided a strong foundation for our success today using state-of-the art applications and machinery while continuing to use traditional engraving techniques. We have eyes for details, hands for skill, and a passion to deliver superior service and products.

So while we relish the modern ways our business now serves its clients, it gives us great pride to say, “But first we were engravers.”

We look forward to working with you!

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