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Top-Quality Machine and Equipment Identification Nameplates

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What Are Identification Nameplates?

Custom machine and equipment identification nameplates are metal or plastic tags containing engraved information about a specific piece of equipment or machinery. Equipment nameplates provide details to help users identify, maintain, operate, and track equipment safely and efficiently.

Here are some of the details that are typically included on identification nameplates:

Equipment Name and Type

The common or branded name for the machine or equipment. For example, “Hydraulic Shear” or “Walker Overhead Crane.”

Equipment ID or Serial Number

A unique equipment ID number is assigned to that specific unit for inventory and maintenance tracking purposes. The manufacturer’s serial number may also be included.


The name of the company that manufactured the equipment. This allows items from different OEMs to be differentiated. 

Model Number

The manufacturer’s model number or part number for that equipment. This is useful for ordering replacement parts.

Voltage and Current

Electrical equipment must list the required voltage, amps, phase, or wattage to safely power the unit.

Capacity and Load Limits

This provides the rated capacity or maximum load ability for lifting or moving equipment.

Pressure Ratings

The maximum safe pressure levels are provided for equipment containing fluids or gases.

Compliance Marks

Important safety and regulatory compliance markings like UL or OSHA logos.

Equipment Tags

Internal machine tags or equipment numbers are assigned for asset inventory tracking within the organization.

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Benefits of Machine and Equipment Nameplates

There are lots of benefits to installing equipment identification and machine nameplates at your business:

Improved Safety and Compliance

Nameplates allow workers and emergency personnel to rapidly identify equipment and shut it down during a safety incident. This can help mitigate damage or harm.

Nameplates also ensure compliance with OSHA and other regulations that require equipment to have visible labels indicating potential hazards or proper shutdown procedures.

Easier Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance crews can quickly pull up maintenance records and history using the equipment ID and serial numbers listed on nameplates.

Nameplates avoid confusion over which machine needs scheduled maintenance or replacement parts, reducing downtime.

Inventory Management

Asset tag information and serial numbers on nameplates allow accurate equipment inventory tracking. This helps with insurance claims, taxes, or depreciation.

Nameplates support regular audits of equipment to identify missing or surplus items. This makes inventory counts more efficient.

Operational Efficiency

Machine nameplates reduce time identifying required equipment. Nameplates allow workers to locate the required machines quickly.

Management can also use nameplate data to analyze equipment utilization rates and bottlenecks. This supports better planning.

Reduced Training Time

New hires learn the purpose of each machine faster when nameplates clearly describe equipment functions and processes, so onboarding and cross-training are accelerated.


Consistent nameplate labeling makes it easier for workers to identify equipment across multiple facilities. This supports flexibility and mobility.

Standard nameplate formats improve corporate governance and transparency around capital assets.


Nameplates allow you to display custom information like company logo, slogan, or color scheme. This helps build brand identity.

Creative nameplates that reflect company values help boost worker engagement and pride.

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Custom Identification Nameplates for Your Business

Identification nameplates bring organization, safety, and efficiency to businesses. Please contact us if you’d like to know how custom machine nameplates can benefit your business. We’ll bring over 40 years of experience and skill in the industrial signage business right to your project!

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