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Top-Quality Wayfinding Signage for Any Type of Business

Micheners Signs supplies custom signage to various businesses and organizations in Lancaster County (PA), Berks County, Lebanon County, Chester County, and beyond.

Industries That Use Wayfinding Signage

There are many types of businesses that need wayfinding signage. Wayfinding signs guide visitors through large or complex buildings, making it easier for them to find their way around. Imagine a hotel, college, or hospital without good wayfinding signage. Quality wayfinding signage is essential for visitors and staff to navigate from one location to another in a timely fashion.   

At Micheners Signs, we supply top-quality custom signs to hotels, medical facilities, apartments, schools, colleges, shopping malls, sports venues, and more.

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Big or small, luxurious or basic, all hotels and motels require some type of wayfinding signage. Guests arrive, day and night, and they need to be able to navigate the lobby, hallways, and elevators to get to their rooms.

Wayfinding signage also helps guests locate additional spaces and amenities on a property. Well done wayfinding signage does more than simply provide direction. It may very well introduce visitors to areas or amenities which may generate additional revenue. Think bars, restaurants, spas, and more!

Medical Buildings

Wayfinding signage is crucial for any kind of medical building or facility. Patients and visitors often feel anxious and stressed when they enter a medical facility, and wayfinding signs can alleviate additional stress by guiding them straight to their destination.

Directional signs in hospitals, medical buildings and nursing homes also help staff navigate the facility quickly, allowing them to provide the best care for their patients.


Apartments are another type of building where wayfinding signage is indispensable. Apartment buildings often have multiple floors and units. Unsatisfactory wayfinding signs can lead to confusion for visitors and tenants alike. And, as with a hotel, wayfinding signs make commercial sense because they can help promote the building’s amenities and services.

Schools and Colleges

Wayfinding signs guide students, staff, and visitors around buildings and campus areas in schools and colleges. Directional exterior campus signs help students find classrooms, staff offices, and other facilities quickly. School and campus visitors very much appreciate clear and concise signage. Effective wayfinding signage also assists students in finding their way to events, lectures, and other activities on time!

Gallery – Wayfinding Signage

Our carefully crafted signs bring clarity and ease to complex environments, all with an elegant touch. Explore our vibrant collection that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Let us be your trusted companion in creating welcoming spaces that guide people to their desired destinations. Choose Micheners Signs for your next wayfinding system.

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Providing Top-Quality Signage for More Than Four Decades

At Micheners Signs, we have been providing top-quality signage for more than four decades. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and our skilled team has the expertise to create custom signage that meets your needs and budget. We’re efficient too! We offer quick turnaround times, so you get your signage fast.

Custom Wayfinding Signage for Your Organization

If you need high-quality directional signs for buildings, interior or exterior, we can help. Call our friendly team today to find out how our custom signage can make visiting your business or property a more pleasant experience.

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