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Wayfinding Signage in Lancaster, PA

Great wayfinding signage gets you to where you’re going.

Exceptional wayfinding signage looks great doing it.

If you’ve been in Lancaster County, PA, or the surrounding areas, you’ve likely seen examples of our signage. For over 40 years Micheners Signs has been directing foot and vehicle traffic, communicating information, and relaying pertinent messaging. We provide exterior and interior signage for office buildings, medical facilities, workspaces, restaurants, construction sites, neighborhoods…and so much more!

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What is Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding signage can be broken down into four categories: directional, identification, information, and regulatory. 

No doubt you have seen all four types of wayfinding signage. Consider these signage examples:

Directional signs are used to guide people to their destination. They are typically placed where several locations or corridors meet to provide clear direction.
Identification signs are used to identify a specific location or area. They might include room numbers, floor numbers, or even building names.
Informational signs provide information about a specific location or area of a building. They could include maps, directories, or even QR codes for digital information.
Regulatory signs are used to provide specific instructions or even warnings to customers. They include safety, ADA, or fire escape and exit signs.

ADA-Compliant Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) established guidelines for signage that complies with the Act. ADA signage communicates that your place of business accommodates people with a disability. ADA-compliant signs provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Micheners Signs can help you navigate ADA-compliant sign design and development. Please visit our ADA compliance page for more information.

ADA Compliance

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